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Your Convenient Digital Witness Statement Solution

The TellMe Application


Streamline your organization's process of statement capturing and storage.


Conduct witness statements in-person or virtually using our videoconferencing feature.


Quickly and easily search for and review past statements.


Straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Network Independent

Capture statements with or without an internet connection.


Available on all platforms which use a web browser.


Rest easy knowing that data security has always been and always will be the main pillar of TellMe’s existence.

What is TellMe ?

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Customer Testimonials


What is TellMe?
TellMe is a revolutionary tool meant to digitize the witness statement-taking process.
What does TellMe do?
TellMe replaces the current and outdated method to take statements by moving to a completely paperless process.
Where will my data be stored?
Each statement or report you complete will be saved on to our cloud. The application is hosted on a trusted and secure platform. Rest assured that security is our primary concern!
In what languages is TellMe available?
TellMe is currently available in French and English.
Who will benefit from using TellMe?
TellMe is critical to police departments looking to improve efficiencies. It is also a critical learning tool designed with students of criminal justice in mind. From insurance adjustors, private investigators or even lawyers, anyone looking to improve the quality of their witness statements need TellMe!
How much does TellMe cost?
TellMe is available is many different configurations to suit your organization’s needs. It is relatively inexpensive and will save your organization money due to the efficiencies it creates. Contact us today so we can build a version which best suits your requirements!